Best LSAT Preparation Books

An entrance exam is a test administered by educational institutions to select prospective students. It can be held from elementary to tertiary level at any educational level, even though it is usually held at the tertiary level. They can be in engineering, medicine, and law. Each student analyses their budget & ability to perform in the particular test which is restricted to law.

In light of recent demands and budgets, the market has generated a range of books. But it can be difficult, on the other hand, to know which ones really worth the purchase with the wealth of LSAT books on the market. The LSAT is a demanding, specific test, so it is important to be completely prepared and equipped with a toolbox of safe fire strategies.

Listed below are the best LSAT books that can be used frequently y the students to prepare themselves for law exams & various sort of tests:

1: Kaplan LSAT Prep Plus 2020-2021 Book

LSAT Prep Plus

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Quick information:

  • Author: Kaplan Test Prep.
  • Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
  • Publication Date: December 24, 2019
  • Pages: 1044

Book Description: The textbook is an LSAT study guide with an official LSAT exam. It is great to incorporate and broaden ideas as you pass through the content. It is great. With detailed clarification and an efficient crash course in the principles and rates of the actual exam you’ll get hundreds of real-life practice questions. You will have access to some great online tools from Kaplan’s popular LSAT review course when you buy this book.

Book Author: Kaplan Test Prep ( helps students for 80 years to build knowledge, expertise and trust to be the best they can on their test day. Their online resource and books provide professional guidance that students need at any point of their education – including years of test results and validated methods by Kaplan students and our own expert psychometrics.

Our Opinion: I love this book so much!  I have reported this online and looked at the list of online study guides. For a few months now I don’t take the LSATs, so fingers have gone over it. After that will post update.

2: Apex LSAT Tutor Preparation Book

The LSAT Tutor

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Quick information:

  • Author: Apex Test Prep.
  • Publisher: APEX Test Prep
  • Publication Date: January 25, 2019
  • Pages: 131

Book Description: This guide is a simple instruction guide to the LSAT without any hesitation. All the evaluation information is protected and you receive an approved LSAT test to assess readiness for the examination. Prepare tips to help students find the best answers behind the questions. The questions of practice in this book include very detailed clarifications about how to find the right answer. These examples have been considered very useful by reviewers in understanding how to address the different types of issues in each LSAT portion.

Book Author: APEX Test Prep does not feel it should be harder than the test itself to plan for the test. To this end, we bundle all our items including test tips, simple guidance, detailed content, questions about the practice and comprehensive explanations for answers to improve the LSAT.

Our Opinion: We would also like to give you a Post-It Notes APEX Test Prep. These high-quality notes can be used to mark essential elements of the course guide and to leave reminders for your review in the morning.

3: LSAT for Dummies Preparation Book

LSAT For Dummies

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Quick information:

  • Authors: Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Scott A. Hatch, JD&Amy Hackney Blackwell
  • Publisher: For Dummies
  • Publication Date: February 24, 2014
  • Pages: 426

Book Description: This book offers a comprehensive analysis of those who approach the LSAT from the outset. It is a detailed guide, which takes you from zero to ability, leveraging problem practices and tests. While it has a lot of basic introductive content, there are also three LSAT tests, which are more than several LSAT books for beginners. Using these assessments you will train yourself for the difficulty of the actual exam and let you know when you are ready for the examination.

Book Authors: Since 1987 Lisa Zimmer Hatch, MA, and Scott A. Hatch, JD, have been training people for standardized exams, university enrollment and healthy career. They have provided standardized test preparation worldwide for almost 30 years.

The writer and former attorney is Amy Hackney Blackwell, JD. She holds a JD from the Law School of Virginia University and an MA in Geschichte from Vanderbilt University and an AB from Duke University.

Our Opinion: This book SAVED ME. Seriously, it became user friendly by removed all the technical jargon. I purchased so many LSAT instruments, and it was the best. Buy this and an LSAT book and you’re set to do that.

4: Mometrix Test Preparation LSAT Book

LSAT Prep Books

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Quick information:

  • Author: Mometrix Law School Admissions Test Team
  • Publisher: Mometrix Media LLC
  • Publication Date: February 8, 2019
  • Pages: 372

Book Description: Provide an in-depth dive into LSAT questions, techniques and principles for a fraction of what you will be using in a review course. The book contains explanations and tests of all LSAT pages. More tools are available in the accompanying video tutorials. The textbook is available free of charge at the Mometrix Academy. This rock solid textbook is a big bonus and will certainly allow you to excel with the online studies guidance and flashcards.

Book Author: They helped hundreds of thousands of people pass standardized tests and meet their academic and career goals. This is accomplished by setting high expectations for Mometrix Test Preparation Guides, and no exception to our LSAT Secrets Study Guide. In your future, this is a perfect investment. Get the LSAT test that you must pass.

Our Opinion: There are great tips and examples in this book. Recommended to those who prepare or like me, those who plan to take the LSAT.

5: The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim Book

The LSAT Trainer

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Quick information:

  • Author: Mike Kim
  • Publisher: Artisanal Publishing
  • Publication Date: July 4, 2013
  • Pages: 600

Book Description: This LSAT book is useful if you try to research yourself, at least in part. Many critics claim they changed their results significantly with this book alone. It’s called a hard hitter and filled with great exercises and knowledge. This book of practice is theoretical and discusses the problem resolution that will ensure that you continue to progress by learning where you went wrong.

Book Author: In the field of test preparation, Mike Kim is probably the fastest rising star. The architecture of standard tests is special for Mike, and above all, Mike has proven ability to help students develop their performance dramatically.

Mike was recently co-creating the creation of LSAT books and courses in Manhattan and overseeing them. Inspired by self-driven students who prepare themselves for the LSAT, he began the ultimate self-study guide, which culminated in the LSAT Trainer.

Our Opinion: I have a seventeen four. This book helps you really to understand the LSAT and it is written in a fun, engaging, and less painful way. Excerpts are often beneficial. Try using the Power score Bible and/or 7Sage videos in conjunction when your weakness is like logic sports.

6: Logic: A Complete Introduction LSAT Preparation Book


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Quick information:

  • Author: Siu-Fan Lee
  • Publisher: Teach Yourself
  • Publication Date: April 25, 2017
  • Pages: 208

Book Description: It’s designed to help you teach yourself the foundational principles of logic, both in theory and practice. It also offers practical opportunities with what you have learned in each section. As you move forward, you will not only develop your overall critical thought and argumentation skills in overcoming LSAT reasoning games but will improve them.

Book Author: Siu-Fan Lee is an assistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Religion and Philosophy. Her expertise encompasses linguistic theory, abstract logic, and mental philosophy. She graduated from the University of Oxford in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and received her Doctorate of Philosophy at the King’s London University.

Our Opinion: Many years ago, I took logic training in school and decided to write about a subject I was still interested in. This book is a good piece of work. I strongly suggest it.

7: The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension Book

Comprehension Paperback

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Quick information:

  • Author: Blueprint LSAT Preparation
  • Publisher: Blueprint LSAT Preparation
  • Publication Book: March 28, 2016
  • Pages: 444

Book Description: The Blueprint LSAT Planning publishes easy-to-use resources for all aspects of the review and this textbook is primarily intended to show you how to interpret the reading. It needs a humorous approach and it is typically enjoyable for reviewers. This book teaches you, regardless of the topic, to recognize the various structural types in readings. This approach helps you gather the details you need most to answer questions. It contains a lot of bonus content, which you can access once you purchase the book. You will be prepared to dissect passages, anticipate and reply effectively to questions following the exercises.

Book Author: Three teachers formed Blueprint in 2005: Jodi Teti, Trent Teti and Matt Riley. The new company was built on the premise that if they have fun, students would learn better. Thus a curriculum started with real-world examples to teach formal logic and esoteric concepts were made public.

Our Opinion: By making the reading passages on the LSAT enjoyable, Blueprint has done the impossible. Before I go through the terrible passages, I am so happy I have this book. Thanks to Blueprint.


How many tests can a student take in LSAT preparation?

Some LSAT experienced persons recommend that to take 30 to 40 tests for many months and others prescribe one or two tests per day for the weeks that lead to the exam.

What is the time duration of the LSAT?

After the third section, the LSAT divides into six parts, each of which has a 35-minute break. This increases up to 210 minutes of LSAT test time, or three hours and thirty minutes without interruptions.

How the score of LSAT helps the candidate?

If your credentials are not bright‚ an excellent LSAT scoring will help to show the potential to manage the law school’s academic rigors. Alternatively‚ you will demonstrate if you have been out of college‚ that you still have the requisite skills to succeed.

What sort of questions can be asked in LSAT?

The test may contain logical reasoning, reading comprehension, logic games, experimental section & writing section.

How the aspiring student can understand the LSAT score?

The LSAT scorecard may contain a total score having range 120-180, a ‘score party’ with a selection of scores above and below your score& a percentile value which ranks performance compared to the numbers of a broad LSAT sample population.

How many times does LSAT take place every year?

Every year, the LSAT test takes place 7 times.

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