Best Poker Books

Poker is a game people are playing on a standard 52-card set (or deck). Poker is a lucky, but also skilful, a game of games. In poker, players bet on their poker hand according to their value. Betting plastic or ceramic disks called chips are commonly used.

Betting may also be done with real money, but chips are used more often because the handling and counting of bets are easier. At the end of the game, either player’s exchange chips with money or chips are counted as winners.

It is not whether you won or lost, but how many bad-beat stories you were able to tell. By Grantland Rice

Poker rooms started using casino chips to simply manage the cash and then collect charges. In those days, casino chips were created of ivory, bone, paper wood. However, the most generally used chips were created of composite clay.

Consequently, a range of styles was created. With time, other manufacturers could use many other materials for making casino chips, for example, plastic and metal. Here are the best poker books to learn poker by own:

1: The Biggest Bluff

The Biggest Bluff book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Maria Konnikova
  • Publisher: Penguin Press
  • Publishing Date: June 23, 2020
  • Pages: 368

Book Description: A girl who had never played poker before nor even known the rules, when she came up with her teacher and asked him to be her mentor, Erik Seidel, the Poker Hall of Fame Inductee. Soon Konnikova was with Seidel down his rabbit hole, a journey that would lead to the World Series of Poker the following year.

About the Author: Maria Konnikova is the author of Trust Game and The Mastermind. Her writing has received several awards, including the Society of Personality and Social Psychology Excellence in Science Journalism Award in 2019.

Our Opinion: I love it. The greatest bluff took me into a dynamic and charismatic world,it not only made me think about my life and my self-deceptions about power, but it also led me to pay more attention to my opponents.

2: Essential Poker Math

Essential Poker Math book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Alton Hardin
  • Publisher: Micro Grinder Poker School
  • Publishing Date: October 27, 2016
  • Pages: 277

Book Description: In this book author will show you how to use basic poker arithmetic to gain an enormous ability over your rivals, so you can gain more and lose less. You will learn to not guess and to know the right mathematics move at a poker table, and players who do not use mathematics will simply devise. These basic math concepts that the author will teach you will help you improve your poker game and make the most lucrative choices at poker.

About the Author: Alton is a founder of the Micro Grinder Poker School, an online poker school that offers a variety of free, inexpensive poker tools and poker workouts, from preparation to strategic articles and video series training to beginner and battling micro stakes.

Our Opinion: This book was a nice quick reading that opened my eyes to think about the match from a very different viewpoint and made it much easier to understand and apply principles of equity, expected value, and implied odds at the table.

3: Modern Poker Theory

Modern Poker Theory book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Michael Acevedo
  • Publisher: D and B Publishing
  • Publishing Date: August 6, 2019
  • Pages: 480

Book Description: Modern Poker Theory is a detailed and systematic guide to the main aspects of No-Limit Holder. It is based on a detailed study of what optimal game theory (GTO) means and how it can be implemented at the table. Comprehension of GTO is important if players who are not are to make correct poker choices and exploit.

About the Author: Michael Acevedo is a talented online tournament player and coach with a history as a mathematician. He is always beaten the toughest of online games at all stages, made poker videos on several websites for training, and trained hundreds of players worldwide.

Our Opinion: My level of game jumped when I began to research the material in this library faithfully. It is not the fastest reading, but it is highly rewarded every time you spend. I am three times reading this book and would certainly revisit it.

4: The Mental Game of Poker

The Mental Game of Poker book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Jared Tendler
  • Publisher: Jared Tendler, LLC
  • Publishing Date: October 2, 2011
  • Pages: 264

Book Description: In poker mental games are maybe more important than anything else. It is one of the world’s only games that you can play perfectly and lose over and over. Hundreds of poker players have turned to the innovative approach of mental game coach Jared Tender to help them play their best, whether they are running poorly.

About the Author: Jared Tender, MS, LMHC, was a PGA and LPGA touring game coach before becoming a leading clinical poker expert. In addition to over 500 other professionals from 45 countries, he mentors some of the best poker players.

Our Opinion: This book helps me to understand the mental heuristics that I use to make, to replicate bad decisions – to start fixing these. I am now better educated on more unusual behavioral financial problems.

5: Play Optimal Poker

Play Optimal Poker 2 book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Andrew Brokos
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publishing Date: May 24, 2020
  • Pages: 347

Book Description: You are going to get fresh insights into the game you enjoy whether it is playing tournaments or cash games, high stakes, or low online, or live. Real-world examples show any time you decide best to bow down in the biggest fish and maintain yourself while you are swimming with sharks.

About the Author: The professional poker player has been Andrew Brokos for more than 15 years. He is hosted by the well-established Nate Meyvis Thought Poker Podcast and has published hundreds of papers in Cardplayer, Two Plus Two Magazine, and Poker News.

Our Opinion: You face a range of post-flop scenarios and should wonder whether you are playing a real hand in the form of several questions. These exercises help you to think in real-time about poker hands and to research scenarios from the table.

6: Learning Poker

Learning Poker book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Shawn Azami
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publishing Date: January 15, 2020
  • Pages: 198

Book Description: Shawn Azami has kept a successful Poker cash game record and has played whatever kind of poker there is. He has a degree in mathematics and engineering but also knows Poker’s psychology. Get top-class expert advice that lasts your life and improves your game from all directions. The biggest ever published a book of poker.

About the Author: Shawn Azami grew up in school math in California, Fresno, taking Calculus as the secondary school for juniors and Calculus II as the secondary school for seniors. At eighteen he earned a degree in Electric Engineering and Mathematics in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he graduated with a small degree in Philosophy.

Our Opinion: The chapters describe several styles of poker games and they are perfect because they show the cards that helped me. Furthermore, when and where to play, psychology and the math to be carried out are all fields of interest that I have not learned before.

7: Mastering Poker Math

Mastering Poker Math book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Chuck Clayton
  • Publisher: Charles W Clayton
  • Publishing Date: September 8, 2018
  • Pages: 277

Book Description: First, the book helps you to gain a visceral understanding of the math of Texas No-Limit Holder. You will learn to trust the numbers in the right situations and circumstances to improve your game.Second, you will learn to integrate math with your other skills.

About the Author: The author has always been a love for sports and games. He began playing Texas No-Limit Holden at the beginning of 2016 and gravitated rapidly towards it. The math intrigued me, so he studied how many odds are calculated and took a mathematical book from his MBA Program. He has done a lot of calculations in visceral comprehension of mathematics.

Our Opinion: I could not only put it down. I could not put it down. This is such a phenomenal book that teaches you about math and strategy at the poker table to make the right decisions.

8: The Poker Coach

The Poker Coach book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Alec Torelli
  • Publisher: Rockridge Press
  • Publishing Date: May 12, 2020
  • Pages: 174

Book Description: The instruction inside The Poker Coach gives you what you need for your game at the next level, whether designing critical policies for management of odds, the reading tells, or managing your body language.

About the Author: Alec Torelli is currently one of the industry’s most respected poker players. His turnout won more than $1.5 million, and in live and online cash games millions more. ESPN, CBS Sports, Travel Channel, Poker News were all featured with Alec.

Our Opinion: It is my first book, I recently returned to play Poker. It suited well since reading it is attractive. It is visually pleasing and has some useful tables for playback.

9: Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments

Strategies for Beating book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Jonathan Little
  • Language: English
  • Publishing Date: February 22, 2015
  • Pages: 84 pages

Book Description: The two-time World Poker Tour champion knows that you must start small to make millions on the biggest stage of poker. Via his innovative approach, the skills needed to achieve small stakes tournaments can finally be mastered. By learning how to crush your rivals with small stakes, you are prepared to take on larger challenges and greater cashouts with larger buy-in tournaments.

About the Author: Jonathan Little is a pro poker player who over the past ten years has won $6,400,000 tournament poker. He also regularly plays high-level cash games. He publishes an educational weekly blog on Jonathan and hosts a podcast.

Our Opinion: The Book is worth reading because it covers a remarkably limited number of words about the use of player types and does this in a conversational style that is appealing to many readers.

10: Hold’em Poker Super Strategy

Holdem Poker Super Strategy book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Norman Zadeh Ph.D.
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publishing Date: October 24, 2020
  • Pages: 214

Book Description: The Hold’em Poker Super Strategy, written by an applied and retired trained mathematician, offers important knowledge that no other poker book can contain. HAND RANK TABLE: Offers a detailed ranking of Hold’em hands based on opportunities to win several main hand areas. TABLE OPENING: Exact opening criteria in of position. TABLE CALLING: Minimum calling criteria for different ranges of hands.

Our Opinion: The knowledge is excellent right outside the bat. It happily does not teach you how to play no limit from the ground up, it offers you areas and figures on how and why. A perfect book for reading and taking notes for improving your game.

11: The Theory of Poker

The Theory of Poker book

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Quick Information

  • Author: David Sklansky
  • Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing
  • Publishing Date: July 1, 1999
  • Pages: 316

Book Description: Discuss the theories and concepts of almost every variation of the game including 5-card draw (high), 7-card stud, hold them, lowball draw (lowball stud), and razz (lowball stud seven-card). The value of deception, bluffing, raising, slow play, position, psychologies, heads-up play, theoretical gaming, implicated odds, free card, and simulating are also discussed in other chapters.

About the Author: The number one authority for gambling in the world in general is David Sklansky today. His occasional poker seminars are often accepted, like those at the Atlantic City Taj Mahal and the Las Vegas World Series of Poker.

Our Opinion: Don’t wonder about this book’s consistency, as it is the poker gold standard. It does more than teach you how to play poker. You will learn how to think about poker.

12: The Mental Game of Poker

Power Hold'em Strategy book

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Quick Information

  • Author: Daniel Negreanu
  • Publisher: Cardoza
  • Publishing Date: June 17, 2008
  • Pages: 504

Book Description: To present insider professional secrets and winning tactics to the only pokers game now held, Negreanu is joined by the greatest young players, theorists, and world champions. Tens of strong chapters cover all aspects of the big game limit, nolimit, and pot-limit including detailed coverage of all aspects of play.

About the Author: The biggest young poker player in the world is Daniel Negreanu. He is a two-time World Poker Tour Champion, four Poker Bracelet Winner, and a Super System 2 contributor. He has won a bigger tournament since 1997 than any other player worldwide.

Our Opinion: I do recommend this book if you want to play mainly cash games. The event is mainly geared to players and addresses how a strategic approach can be developed based on the position, stack size, and the number of blinds at the tournament.


Do poker books help?

Keeping some of the best poker books not only strengthens our skills in the game but can also help you learn how to play poker, not as a sport or as a game, but also to learn more about the past and beginnings of poker.

What happened to the Full Tilt brand?

Full Tilt brand was merged into the PokerStars poker client. Once the biggest online poker sites, Full Tilt Poker is now just PokerStars software with the Full Tilt look.

Are poker training sites worth it?

Poker training experienced a long period of bliss during the boom years and beyond. The idea of being able to watch how an experienced player deals with certain situations has helped many players improve their skills.

Is poker math?

Poker is a game of mathematics, where you should be able to calculate the odds of either you or your opponent winning the hand in any situation.

Is poker still profitable in 2019?

Yes, poker is still very profitable in 2020 but you must be willing to work hard to get it. It is not as easy to make big money in poker anymore.

Conclusion: Poker is the most popular card game in the world over the years. Poker made so well known in the last decade. Poker is a game with two very significant elements of mathematics and psychology. On the contrary, it is not so sweet, loose, and violent.

The Maniac loses all but the Calling Station tactics in the cash game. Only the Rock can be overcome in the tournament version. The Psychopath loses so much money against the tighter players by mixing violent and loose play.

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